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Why 3D?

...or, more importantly, why ProductRenders?

Unlike those other 3D rendering companies, we don’t try to be a “jack of all trades”. We are the only 3D rendering company that specialises in producing renders of products you can hold in your hands. We pride ourselves on not being just another architectural rendering company trying to do product renders.

It may come as no surprise to you that a large portion of our work consists of very detailed close-up renderings of products and packaging. This is because we’ve already got 25+ years of artworking and print production under our belts even before ProductRenders became a reality. Knowing the ins and outs of prepress and design files has made what we do look great. We also use some techniques while producing our renders that only our sort of experience can bring.

With decades of experience working in the design, advertising, and marketing industries, we understand the costings and internal processes of these environments. Some might ask, why is that important? Well, understanding and more importantly being witness to these environments has made ProductRenders nimble and fast. This, in turn, has reduced our costs and we are able to pass those on to our customer’s friends.

All these reasons (and many others) simply make our renders look better. Our passion and knowledge produce results that are both convincing and compelling.
After all, little details can make a big difference.


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Do you wish your current product imagery looked better?

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