Custom Monitor Speaker

This pair of custom monitor speakers are designed for the music connoisseur. They are made out of custom manufactured 18mm birch plywood and include MarkAudio Alpair 7 Gold extended full-range emitters.

The Alpair 7 represents a large step forward in the design and production of “extended” full- range audio drivers. In its size class, this Alpair 7 currently delivers the widest frequency range. The usable range now extends to 32-kHz above 80dB, thatʼs higher than many tweeters! This Alpair 7 has an advanced damping system that delivers a “near flat” response across its range. The 7 employs a rear ring-clamped suspension system and a new torque loaded rear suspension (spider). Both these components add pre-tension to the power-train. The result is improved linearity and damping on the moving components. The speakers also include gold-plated binding posts and include Sommer SP 215 cables. These cables have been designed particularly for loudspeakers and to meet all specific technical requirements the Alpair 7 driver demands.

They are custom built to order and at $799 a pair, they pack a lot in for the price. More information about the MarkAudio range of drivers can be found on their website here and if you wish to order these beauties then please do get in contact with the team at ProductRenders here.

Custom monitor speakers with MarkAudio Alpair 7 full-range drivers

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