Millie 250ml Glass Bottle

    We were asked by Voice Brand Agency to bring the Millie 250mL Glass Bottle to life with some 3D renders. Multiple 3D renders were all created before the actual product was even in production.

    A collaboration between client, O-I Glass, the Australian Beverage Council, Monash University and Voice created Millie, a new glass beverage packaging solution. Australian beverage and snack company Emma & Tom’s will be using the bottle for a new premium juice range aimed at the export market.

    Millie is a 250ml glass bottle designed to contain exactly two servings of fruit in the form of a no sugar added fruit juice. It is designed for consumers conscious of the daily 5 + 2-a-day Australian Dietary Guidelines for vegetable and fruit intake.

    Its design came about through an O-I and Voice project, supported by the Australian Beverages Council. Students from the Monash University Faculty of Art, Design and Architecture were set the challenge to create a packaging solution which would provide consumers with clear understanding of how the product would meet their daily nutritional requirements.

    Students met with O-I and Voice several times to present their ideas and refine and develop their understanding by bouncing their ideas off leading industry and design experts.

    Millie is being trialled by O-I and Emma & Tom’s has come onboard as its consumer launch partner.

    Emma & Tom’s co-owner Emma Welsh says it will be launching a range of premium chilled fruit juices and smoothies in the Millie bottle, once O-I has completed its trials.

    • 3D render of three Millie 250mL two servings glass bottles manufactured by i-o Glass
    • Close up 3D render of a Millie 250mL two servings glass bottle manufactured by i-o Glass

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