Little Ann Venture

Back in 2001, Michael Currie, (the owner and founder of ProductRenders) and a close friend of Michael’s, Matt Battye, created a kids storybook. Matt initially had the idea of Little Ann while making up stories at bedtime for his two young girls. Michael also has 2 similar aged boys and after reading the initial draft he decided to collaborate to make Little Ann more of a story that would work for both girls and boys alike. After a few years of hard work in their limited spare time and with Matts design skills and Michael’s 3D knowhow, the Little Ann Venture 3D logo design and story were born.

The Little Ann Venture story is exclusively available as an Apple iBook (Apple Book) here but you can also download many free cool games about Little Ann Venture from her own website here.

  • 3D render of the logo for the kids story book, Little Ann Venture

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