Hermpac – NZ’s Leading Manufacturer and supplier of specialty timber products is firmly embedded in the culture of New Zealand’s building projects. They supply the world’s most beautiful timbers to prestigious residential and commercial projects.

They contacted ProductRenders to see if we could help them with what seemed like an impossible project, creating over 300 renders of their premium cedar wood weatherboard products that looked photo-realistic to the point that you couldn’t tell the render against the real thing. As you could imagine photographing such a big project would be not only time-consuming but also have huge costs involved. The final images had to look as real as possible and not look illustrated as their previous imagery did.

Every render is completely different, just like real wood. And being based on real photos of the world-class Hermpac products. The final renders look just like photos but without all the costs involved in shooting and making up over the 145 different profiles, Hermpac currently offers. These renders now allow designers, builders and architects to see the profile designs from the comfort of there desk or armchair.

All the weatherboard renders we created for Hermpac can be seen on their website.

  • 3D render of Hermpac's CP847 timber
  • 3D render of Hermpac's HP169 timber
  • 3D render of Hermpac's CP3495 timber
  • 3D render of Hermpac's SH5 timber
  • 3D render of Hermpac's HP60PQ timber
  • 3D render of Hermpac's CP1837 timber

More Information?

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