Virtual Office Showroom

Chair Solutions brings over 30 years of knowledge in functional ergonomic seating and design. As seating and office furniture continues to evolve, Chair Solutions brings the latest developments and designs from around the world.

We are currently co-designing the interior space with them to showcase the great products they stock. The whole 3D office is modelled to scale and is over 330sqm. We are currently designing different parts of the office to compliment the current and new products they have available. This is great for CS as it will give them an endless set of possibilities to showcase their products, just as if they had a real 330sqm showroom in all of their 5 locations across Australasia but without the massive real estate bill. CS also offer a custom upholstery service so having the 3D models in a virtual environment allows for their clients (and future clients) to see furniture already covered in a client-specific custom upholstery even before a purchase.

To see the substantial range of products from CS or to contact them directly, check out their website here.

  • 3D render of fully adjustable desks inside an office showroom
  • 3D render of a training room inside an office showroom
  • 3D render of a training room inside an office showroom

More Information?

If you have any questions about how this style of render could help your company please drop us an email on our contact page above. Or, have a look at some of our other renders on our portfolio page here.