Boyd Visual’s Monitor Arm

    Boyd Visuals approached ProductRenders to see if we could assist them with the launch of their new ‘tech’ business (Boyd Visuals Tech). As part of this launch, it was important to showcase their new flagship tech product, a high quality, fully adjustable monitor arm. The initial intention was to produce a standard ‘run of the mill’ animation but trying to showcase the multiple assembly options and features was never going to work. In addition, the Boyd Visuals sales team wanted something that could aid them during demonstrations to their retail partners. Luckily, our team had recently been working closely with a company called WorkingSpec to bring their 3D building plan app to a wider audience.

    Over a very hectic eight days, all the components of the monitor arms were examined, visually deconstructed and turned in to high-quality 3D models. These models were then passed on to the WorkingSpec team who then turned the wireframe files into two fully interactive animated 3D models plus two annotated orbit models for use on both iOS and Android devices – Simply scan one of the QR codes below with your phone or iPad to take you to the WorkingSpec App or a ‘Single Arm’ web version can be viewed and played with below (Chrome/Firefox recommended). Also, just for good measure, we produced fully optimised versions of the 3D animations that specifically run full screen on the sales teams Microsoft Surface devices.

    The monitor arms are currently available for sale through Boyd Visuals retail partners. Click here to view the many options these monitor arms can create or here it to find your local stockist.

    3 icons buttons showing how to use the animations

    Download the apps

    Simply scan the QR codes below to download the app and have a play for yourself.

    • Boyd Visual's Monitor Arm QR codes for multiple Monitor Arm products
    • 3D render of a main arm on the Boyd Visual Tech Monitor Arm
    • 3D render of a main arm and extension on the Boyd Visual Tech Monitor Arm
    • 3D render of a double Boyd Visual Tech Monitor Arm from a reverse angle
    • 3D render of a double Boyd Visual Tech Monitor Arm
    • 3D renders of the desk bracket and grommet for the Boyd Visual Tech Monitor Arm
    • 3D render of the extension arm for use on the Boyd Visual Tech Monitor Arm

    More Information?

    If you have any questions about how these style of renders could help your company please drop us an email on our contact page above. Or, have a look at some of our other renders on our portfolio page here or check out our Instagram feed.