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Our Process

We try and make things a simple as possible.

We know the whole 3D rendering process can look complicated, but we’ll try and make it easy for you, both at the beginning and down the road. Our goal is to make the whole process both as simple as possible and cost-effective for you and your business – and maybe even fun and exciting.

First Contact & Estimation

First and foremost, we’ll help you understand the 3D process as we determine what your ultimate goal is. We’ll then provide you with relevant examples that fall within your budget so you’ll have a realistic idea of what’s possible. Estimates are based on daily and weekly studio hours as well as project-based rates.

Asset Sourcing

Depending on the type of 3D render you want, we may need to request some of your working files, reference photos or materials. Examples may include CAD files, photos and material references (like the paper or cardboard you intend to use for that packaging project.

We then look at these files/images/materials in detail and determine if they contain the detail needed for the 3D render you’ve requested.


This is where the fun happens. We explore environments, product & camera placements, and camera angles. You can expect clay or low-resolution test renders at this point. Once the overall 3D composition has been determined, we lock in your 3D scene and move on to the lighting, textures, and finer details of your product.

Test renders, test renders & more test renders

Once an overall direction has been established, we create test renders of the products until you are 100% happy with the tweaks to minor details including lighting, materials and overall aesthetics. And, unlike other rendering companies, we don’t have a limited number of revisions.


Before any final renders are output we will request sign-off based on the test renders we have supplied. On occasions and depending on the product, we may even supply a high-resolution render so very fine detail can be also signed off.

Complicated scenes/products can take longer to render, and along with their final resolution, can tremendously affect how long it takes to output the final files. But once they are ‘rendered’ the finishing line is very very close.


After the final renders are output we move on to the final stage of every project; Post retouching and colour correction. Just like a photographer would process their RAW files, we do the same. We typically use Photoshop to do this and then all your finished images are delivered by a secure download link.

If you have any more questions, please feel free to check out our frequently asked questions page or if you have a question not answered there, please do reach out via our contact page.

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