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Heres are some of the more frequently asked questions and misnomers.

Over the years, we have been asked many questions about our process, our renders and everything in between. But as the late great Carl Sagan once said ‘There are naive questions, tedious questions, ill-phrased questions, questions put after inadequate self-criticism. But every question is a cry to understand the world. There is no such thing as a dumb question.’ So if your question is not below, please reach out to us on our contact page.

What is a 3D render?

Put simply, a 3D render is an image created (or generated) on a computer from three-dimensional models – CGI (Computer Generated Imagery). We have a page dedicated to this question here, but please do reach out to us via our contact page if you have any other questions.

Can you work with CAD files?

Yes, we can, we can convert and work with almost any file. Some formats are better than others when it comes to converting from an engineering CAD format. Here is a list of files and formats we regularly convert and work from. Formats include STEP, IGES, STP, SKP, but we tend to prefer .step or .stp files as they usually convert to give the best results.

You made our renders in the past and we need to add a new flavour variant to the range, do we need to start from scratch?

No, we will keep your project on our secure archive for up to 3 years. So it’s just a case of de-archiving your project and changing out the relevant label artwork.
Also, the reason we limit the storage to three years is due to two main reasons. One, the 3D software we use to make our renders has a limited life cycle and many of its features either get updated or get removed for better options, so we try and advise where applicable where these issues might arise but these features are really dependent on what the product looks like and how it is ultimately made. And two, most packaging and products don’t usually stay the same for years and years. Most also have a life cycle and require changes every year or so. We will work with you to get the best cost-effective outcome based on the product and its future growth.

We have a great packaging design but we need lots of SKUs creating - Can you create new print ready artworks based on a designers file?

Yes, Michael the owner of ProdutRenders started his career creating print-ready artworks for a publishing company back in the early 90’s and many of our ProductRenders team have either worked in or for award-winning design and advertising agencies both here in New Zealand and around the world, including the UK and the USA.

Over the years we’ve been asked to check, fix and make new print-ready artworks. Some are new products fresh to the market and some are nothing more than a rough designer scamp or files. But with our in-depth knowledge of printing and reprographics, we can create and role out multiple SKUs or just a single artwork all while streamlining the process and reducing the costs when compared to those expensive design and advertising agencies.

We have some packaging but no drawings or files, can you use the packaging to make the 3D render?

Yes, we can, depending on the complexity we can either digitally measure the product before redrawing it or if the product is too complex we can 3D scan it and use the scan as a very accurate starting point to reverse engineer said product.

We have flat print ready artwork of a box, can you make it into a 3D box?

Yes, we can, we would make the box in our 3D software and fold it up just the same way the real box would be produced.

Can you use print ready artwork?

Yes, this is our preferred method – either outlined or with fonts supplied. Open/packaged InDesign/Illustrator files are the best but please reach out via our contacts page if you have any other file formats and we can advise accordingly. Unfortunately, changes made during the prepress stage (at the printers), such as trapping and prepress adjustments, often impact the original file and are difficult to reverse. Therefore, we require the original files sent to the printers for optimal results.

What if out packaging has special inks and print effect, can you replicate them on the finished render?

Yes. Need spot UV, no problem! Need a special foil embossing? no problem! What about that company spot colour we use? also no problem! Being supplied with the final print-ready artwork allows us to perfectly match the printing process being used.

What if we don’t have print ready artwork yet?

No problem. Our team has loads of experience in advertising, design and more importantly, artworking. So we can make print-ready artwork if you require. Or alternatively, if you are using a design agency and they are still to either make the artwork or you are looking for a company to save you money, we can take your design agency’s design visuals and make them into finished artwork and then, from those finished artwork files, we can replicate the final print finishes onto your renders. Please feel free to check with us prior to starting work, drop us an email and we’ll get back to you with a solution that fits.

We need our product renders supplied clearcut (masked), can you do this?

All our renders are provided in three different formats. These include JPG (with background included), PNG (without background) and a TIF (with a background but also has an alpha channel for masking). Clipping paths can also be supplied upon request, although this way of isolating images is seen as being a little dated since InDesign uses alpha channels more efficiently and masks allow for transparency effects.

Can you make GS1 compliant images from the final renders?

Yes, GS1 images do use an old outdated way of setting them up (clipping paths), but we can do this method upon request. But, for all other website and printing processes, we also provide all our completed renders in the following formats: JPG (with background included), PNG (without background) and a TIF (with a background but also has an alpha channel for masking).

Can I be given a test before making payment?

Currently, we do not provide test renderings before an estimate is approved. Many work samples can be found on our home page. These many renders show what are able to create for our happy customer base. If you have a specific question about a possible project or if the answer to your question is not on either of our ‘Why 3D‘ or ‘What’s 3D‘ pages, please feel free to reach out to us via our contact page.

How will I receive the finished renders?

You will receive the completed renders via a secure download link.

What is the resolution/pixel size of the final renders?

We have a standard render size of 3000px x 3000px but we can do larger. Please let us know before we estimate and we will be more than happy to discuss options and sizes with you based on the final usage and costs.

What information do you need from me to get started on my rendering?

In order to start your project, we first need to understand the product, its market and how you intend to use the images once complete. Once we have the basics out of the way, we can then estimate the project before getting it started. A more in-depth look at our process can be found here or if you have any other questions, please do reach out to us via our contact page.

What do your render cost?

Every job is different so we don’t have a ‘one hat fits all’ approach to estimating or billing. But, with well over 3000 jobs complete and over 10,000 images created, we are sure to be competitive… and after looking at some of the other 3D product rendering companies online, we seem to be not only cheaper, but we also do a better job 🙂

Where are you based?

We are proud to be based in Auckland, New Zealand. Unlike many other companies that pretend to be in a location, we actually are in New Zealand and we don’t just have an answering service or a fake redirected phone number. ProductRenders is a division of M11 Limited. And our New Zealand business number is: 9429041386507. We wonder if that ‘other’ rendering company can give you their number?

Is ProductRenders GST registered?

Yes, we are a New Zealand limited company (M11 Limited). ProductRenders is a division of M11 Limited and our GST number is: 5433081.

How do we pay you as we are based outside of New Zealand?

Really easy. We currently have over 50+ local currencies that you can pay us in. We also have local bank accounts in those 50+ countries so that means you don’t have to pay for expensive international bank transfers or those sneaky Visa/MasterCard/AMEX exchange rates. We can also accept payments in Bitcoin (BTC).

All estimates and the final invoices can be in your local currency if required, so it’s as simple as paying us like we are in your country. Also, in many countries, this sort of payment/transfer is free to existing bank customers.

Here is the full list of currencies we accept so fingers crossed, you are one of them:
Argentine Peso
Bangladeshi Taka
Botswana Pula
Bulgarian Lev
Chilean Pes
Chinese Yuan
Costa Rican Colón
Croatian Kuna
Czech Koruna
Danish Krone
Egyptian Pound
Georgian Lari
Ghanaian Cedi
Hong Kong Dollar
Indian Rupee
Indonesian Rupiah
Israeli Shekel
Japanese Yen
Kenyan Shilling
Malaysian Ringgit
Mexican Peso
Moroccan Dirham
Nepalese Rupee
New Romanian Leu
Nigerian Naira
Norwegian Krone
Pakistani Rupee
Peruvian Sol
Philippine Peso
Polish Złoty
Russian Ruble
South African Rand
South Korean Won
Sri Lankan Rupee
Swedish Krona
Swiss Franc
Tanzanian Shilling
Thai Baht
UAE Dirham
Ugandan Shilling
Ukrainian Hryvnia
Uruguayan Peso
Vietnamese Dong
West African Franc
Zambian Kwacha

Please let us know prior to the project starting how you intend to pay and we can give you the project estimate based on that day’s exchange rates. But, please be aware. Depending on the project size and length of time from estimating to delivery (and your local currency), the estimated cost or/and the final invoice might change due to each country’s economy.

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