A little bit of history.

ProductRenders© was born after Michael (owner or ProductRenders & British Expat) experienced a shortfall in quality 3D product renders while he was the head of a retouching department for a large advertising agency. He witnessed first hand the mass of wasted time using traditional photography. His team of retouchers spent hours removing creases, scratches and camera defects from hundreds if not thousands of photos every month.

In 2009 one of the worlds largest mobile companies came to the agency with a request to photograph their entire range of cellphone handsets. After realising that photography would have a very limited use he suggested that the phones be 3D modelled – he was told it couldn’t be done! Over the next 6 months and hours of testing, he completely changed the way the cell phone imagery was created. Photography was assigned to the history books and every handset (hundreds of SKUs) was cost-effectively created in 3D.

Over the next 2 years, he developed processes and techniques to not only make cellphones look perfect but pretty much any product look stunningly real… hyperreal.  6 years on, Michael has gone on to build a dedicated team of industry superstars that allows for a cost-effective alternative to product photography.

3D render of a mobile phone - NokiaX3-02 3D render of a mobile phone - Nokia6700 3D render of a mobile phone - NokiaX2 3D render of a mobile phone - NokiaC5-00

Some of the many mobile phones created during Michael’s time at the advertising agency.

Why ProductRenders?

We believe that we are different from other 3D rendering company as we have in-depth real-world experience of working in the design/advertising and marketing industries, not many 3D rendering companies (if any) have this knowledge or experience. It might sound like a simple thing but having experience in both print, TV and web content creation makes us different. We know how to create print-ready artwork for that packaging range, we know how to make perfect web optimised images, we know how to make colour correct ISO certified colour images, we know the difference between CMYK and RGB… All these things (and many others) simply make our renders look better. Our passion and knowledge produce results that are both convincing and compelling. After all, little details can make a big difference.


If you have any questions or you’d just like to have a chat about a possible project, please do drop us an email and we will endeavour to get back to you with an answer ASAP. Or alternatively, open up the chat window below and send us a quick message – we won’t bite 🙂