About Product Renders

Brief History

Product Renders was born after Michael (Brit Expat and owner/founder) experienced a shortfall in quality 3D product renders while he was the head of a retouching department for a large advertising agency. He witnessed first hand the mass of wasted time using traditional photography. Over a 2 year period he developed processes and techniques to make products and packaging in 3D look stunningly real… hyper real.

6 years on, Michael has gone on to build a dedicated team of industry superstars that allows for a cost effective alternative to product photography.

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What are product renders?

Product rendering or 3D product visualisation as it's sometimes called is an affordable technology for realistically depicting products or architecture virtually, and with the advent of modern technology, state of the art computers and last but no means least, skilled artists it's now no longer reserved for feature films or large corporations and businesses with huge budgets.

Today, 3D product renders can be tailored to the needs of nearly any organisation or business and can also have some specific, measurable effects on a company’s growth. A product render can start its life from anywhere… a simple idea sketched on a napkin, technical drawings with customer-specific dimensions through to supplied engineering CAD files.

Using what’s called a wire-frame model, the principles of geometry, an extensive process of lighting, shading, texturing, and eventually rendering, our digital artists can create photorealistic images that in many cases are almost impossible to discern from an actual photograph. Different materials, colours and lighting can be changed out which allows a design or new product to be explored without the need for expensive prototyping.

Why PoductRenders?

Many trying, but failing.

Many companies ‘try’ to make renders look real but fortunately for us they fail miserably. Contrary to what other companies might say… rendering a building is not the same as rendering something like a jar of peanut butter. And this is what sets ProductRenders apart from the rest. We have years of experience developing techniques for large and small products alike and we fanatically craft our clients product until they look perfect; if we can tell its a render, then its not good enough.

Please feel free to have a look at our client showcase studies or our extensive gallery of work. Then maybe check out the (cough) competitions and ask yourself… do they look real or do they look rendered?